Automated Text Message Marketing


Text message marketing is one way that a business uses to reach out to various customers through the medium of SMS. The marketing is possible through the use of a web-based program that can send multiple texts to the subscribing customers or those new customers who want to receive such texts. For the automated text messages, there is a setup campaign that allows coupons to be sent automatically over time thus engaging the customers in polls and questionnaires or sometimes run a sweepstakes contest.

The marketing automation system can help an individual or an organization to convert leads faster so that the returns on the investment can come sooner. It also helps the organization or the individual to get more customers to buy more, frequently. The automation text marketing system involves having a server-based software that automates processes for each contact according to the information of the contact and the behavior. Apart from the system being autoresponders, it also integrates the customer’s relationship management, rules and other intelligent functions that can help in boosting sales conversion.

Some of the Realty Flux Mobile Lead Capture for Real Estate marketing techniques that help in converting leads into customers include the lead scoring, tagging, SMS texting, split testing and lastly shopping cart abandonment follow-up. For the lead scoring, it enables an organization to rank the customers in response to the actions they take after they opt in the system. It helps the organization know who are the qualified leads are so that the organization can funnel them into the right sales conversion sequence.

Tagging is a way of segmenting the leads so that they can be converted into sales. It is done through the advertising source, type of contact and other demographic and psychographic data or simply by tagging them by email links so that they can click on or just navigate a certain page of the website. After the tagging is done, the automated marketing system will put a custom sequence of messages that fit the tag. For more information about text message, go to

Realty Flux Real Estate Text Marketing Service is faster and more reliable method of sending a message since messages are read and responded to as quick as possible. Split texting is majorly used by many direct marketers to maximize the results. The automation system allows an individual to split test two or more sales letters or emails so one can find out what message works best in conversion. Shopping cart abandonment follow-up is another technique that helps an organization to follow-up on the customers who abandoned their shopping cart and convert leads into customers thus increasing the sales.


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